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Reshaping Obamacare, The War on Drugs, A Pioneering President

March 6, 201745 min
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Republicans in the House of Representatives released the text of a bill Monday night that would remake the Affordable Care Act in the coming years. Takeaway Washington Correspondent Todd Zwillich has the details.
After an increase in diplomatic pressure, Iraq is now excluded from the group of countries included in the latest iteration of President Trump's travel ban. What is the Iraqi response to this decision, and what does it suggest about the future of the U.S.-Iraq relationship? For answers, we turn to Omar Al Nidawi, director for Iraq at Gryphon Partners, a strategic advisory firm.
An Ohio community is trying to fight the heroin epidemic by bringing misdemeanor charges against drug users who overdose and are revived by emergency responders using an antidote. Barry Bennett, a paramedic and the executive director of the Pickaway Area Recovery Services, has the details. 
The Department of Defense is investigating an undisclosed number of Marines who shared nude photos of female service members in a private Facebook group. Thomas Gibbons-Neff, a staff writer for The Washington Post and a former Marine infantryman, discusses the developing investigation, and the ongoing problems of sexual harassment within military ranks.
Nicholas Glisson was a cancer survivor who required a lot of special care. He was imprisoned after being convicted for transferring a two Oxycontin painkillers to a confidential informant, and he died after 37 days in prison. Andrew Cohen, commentary editor of The Marshall Project, and Alma Glisson, Nicholas' mother, share his story.
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Helene Cooper tells the story of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the current president of Liberia and the first female elected as a head of state in Africa's history. Cooper is Pentagon correspondent for The New York Times and author of "Madame President: The Extraordinary Journey of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf."

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