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The Fighting Feminist, The Keyboard Army, The Defiant Optimist

January 4, 201745 min
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The Senate Armed Services Committee holds their first hearing on alleged Russian hacking today, despite persistent skepticism from President-elect Donald Trump. Takeaway Washington Correspondent Todd Zwillich has the details.
This week, three notable writers announced plans to leave Twitter. Among them is feminist writer Lindy West, who has long said that the social media service hasn’t done enough to reign in trolls. She discusses her experience today on The Takeaway. 
Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte allegedly had a “keyboard army” of backers in the lead up to his election, some paid and some not, who posted on social media to silence dissenters and help create the illusion that he had widespread support. Sean Williams, a journalist reporting for The New Republic, explains. 
Durreen Shahnaz was the first Bangladeshi woman to graduate from the Wharton School of Business and to work on Wall Street. She launched the Impact Investment Exchange Asia in 2013 — the social stock exchange is going strong today and has funded a number of projects, including an initiative to convert power plants in Cambodia from diesel to biofuel. 
The sentencing trial for Dylann Roof is set to continue today with more than 30 witnesses testifying for federal attorneys. Jennifer Berry Hawes, a reporter The Post and Courier in South Carolina and author of an upcoming book about the Emanuel AME Church shooting, and Professor John Blume of Cornell Law School, weigh in on the trial and what's next. 
Republicans have vowed to repeal and replace the Affordable Health Care Act. That makes Jacob Atkins, who is HIV positive, very nervous. He shares his story along with Mehgan McCarthy, a healthcare coordinator who helped Atkins navigate the insurance exchanges and get coverage through Obamacare.

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