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Victory for the Alt-Right, Uncertainty for the Parties, America Unwinds

November 9, 201643 min
New Yorker Staff Writer George Packer has been documenting what he calls "the unwinding of America and the formation of a new America" for years. The Takeaway asks him if the country is fully unwound, or if there is more to come. 
Michigan, which had an 80 percent chance of electing Hillary Clinton, represents one of the most stunning losses for the Democrats. Congresswoman Debbie Dingell joins The Takeaway to talk about what exactly went wrong in the near certain state, and what the disruption of the blue firewall means for the future of the Democratic Party.
While the G.O.P. swept the House and Senate, deep fissures remain. Republican strategist Kim Alfano explains what President-elect Donald Trump's victory means for the G.O.P., and how the party and conservatism will proceed alongside the populist support that got him elected.
President-elect Trump  has promised to strengthen the military, but his critics fear what he'll do with the nuclear codes. Admiral Mike Mullen, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, illuminates the future of the military under President Trump.
How do parents tell their children about President Trump?  New York mom Aisha Khan Badi joins The Takeaway in studio to talk about how she is responding to the Trump victory as a Muslim parent to two girls.
Alt-right blogger Paul Ramsay embraces a Trump victory, and explains its significance for the future of a fringe movement that now finds itself center stage.

Chat About Victory for the Alt-Right, Uncertainty for the Parties, America Unwinds

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