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Voices of Deportation, Reversing Regulations, Artists Come Home for Nina Simone

March 8, 201746 min
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Deportations have continued across the country since President Donald Trump vowed to crack down on undocumented people. A Department of Homeland Security statement issued in February stated that at least 680 individuals had been arrested in deportation raids so far this year. For details we turn to Tania Unzueta, the legal and policy director for the grassroots organization Mijente.
Since taking office, the Trump Administration has rolled back 90 regulations, ranging from consumer financial regulations to pollution guidelines. Sally Katzen, a law professor at New York University who worked on crafting regulations in the beginning of the Obama and Clinton administrations, says this is normal practice, but there are some unique aspects to the roll backs from the Trump Administration. 
Officials cited zoning issues when voting down a proposed mosque in Bayonne, New Jersey this week. But supporters of the mosque say this was a religiously-motivated decision fueled by fear of Muslims. Matt Katz, a reporter for Takeaway co-producer WNYC, has the details. 
House Republicans unveiled their long-awaited plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act this week. Democrats and some moderate Republicans have said the plan will hurt many Americans, but some people will surely benefit. Julie Rovner, chief Washington correspondent for Kaiser Health News, explains. 
What patients say and what doctors hear are often two vastly different things. Patients, anxious to convey their symptoms, feel an urgency to “make their case” to their doctors. Doctors, under pressure to be efficient, multitask while patients speak and often miss the key element. Dr. Danielle Ofri, associate professor of medicine at New York University, a practitioner at Bellevue Hospital in New York, author of "What Patients Say, What Doctors Hear," argues that the doctor-patient conversation is the most powerful diagnostic tool. 
Four artists have pooled resources in order to purchase the childhood home of Nina Simone in Tryon, North Carolina. The home was put on the market last year and could have been forgotten entirely were it not for the purchase. Adam Pendleton, one of the artists who purchased Ms. Simone’s home, explains why the structure is so important. 

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