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Angel Blessings Interview with Rupam Sarmah

August 14, 201428 min
Angel Blessings site has interviews with some of the award winning artists on the cd Angel Blessings,Benefitting Hospice and the book Angel Blessings, Messages from HeavenDo you believe words music can uplift your spirit and inspire your soul? The Angel Blessings, Benefiting Hospice collection provides 40 inspiring tracks of words music that deliver uplifting spiritual messages!This Episode features an Interview with Rupam Sarmah synergistic musical poetry was performed by distinguished visionaries and artists. Dr. Wayne Dyer, Colin Andrews, and Dr. Paul Masters, in combination with world-renowned musicians, such as, Grammy® Award recipients Laura Sullivan, George Kahumoku, Omar Akmar, Kevin Mackie, Miss Amy, Judy Pancoast, Alex Otey, and Emmy® Award recipients Giovanni,Tom Vendetti, and prominent award winning composers singer/songwriters, such as Rupam Sarmah, Ricky Kej, Leonardo Le San, Grant Maloy-Smith, Nona Brown, Bob Miles and others have dedica

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