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Catherine Marie Charlton and Wyeth

February 1, 201616 min
An interview with Catherine Marie Charlton about her work in music, Her recent album is Maiden Voyage which is inspired by her walks and love of Wyeth's art.She has piano improv roots, and she discovered the photographer inside of her. She has given concerts at Brandywine River Museum of Art, on their gorgeous Steinway piano next to floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the trees and beautiful river view. She has traveled to Maine to visit the Farnsworth Museum, the Olson House (site of hundreds of Andrew Wyeth paintings), Monhegan Island (favorite site of thousands of painters over the past hundred years or more, including Jamie Wyeth), Andrew Wyeth’s grave, and most importantly - to experience the landscape so important to the family.  I spent two weeks in Wyoming at the Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts (with a landscape similar to what NC Wyeth experienced when he spent months out West painting Native Americans) - composing a Wyeth-inspired chamber work also influenced by composer

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