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Interview with Kert Shuster

September 8, 201620 min
Most people see pharmacies as a place for the sick to fill prescriptions, or for the scraped and bruised to buy Band-Aids and ointments. Pharmacist Kert Shuster believes there’s much more to a drugstore than that.Had a talk with Kert Shuster from Rainbow Pharmacy..with locations in Kihei and Lanai. Kert is the owner of two Rainbow Pharmacies on Maui, Shuster is bringing the first full-service pharmacy to Lanai. This is his first business on the island, but Shuster’s values align with the community’s.He believes in an “old-school” style of pharmacy centered on the neighborhood drugstore, where kids might stop by after school for a snack and drink, and where the pharmacist knows each customer by name.“My focus has always been on the care and well-being of the people I serve,” he said. “Most people don’t think of pharmacy as a people profession, but at Rainbow Pharmacy I’m all about talking story and creating a sense of community.”Download Standard Podcasts

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