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Judi Riley

January 10, 201714 min
A talk with Judi Riley about her new book on MerKins.. Judi has been writing stories since she was a kid. Her father used to bug her to get her stories published, but she never got around to it. While away at summer camp, she also doodled all kinds of characters on the envelopes she sent home to her father. That's when her Dad suggested she combine her illustrations with her stories to make children's picture books. Her new book is MerKins and coming soonOn Lāna‘i ... explore a shipwreck, swim with the dolphins, and listen to the surf at Polihua.Animal encounters continue with more of Hawaii's rare and endangered species, including  a bottlenose dolphin, an 'io (ee-oh, Hawaiian hawk) and an Hawaiian hoary bat. for more info go to
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