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Liah Howard's Psychic Immersion Retreat

March 2, 201631 min
Have you ever longed for more certainty in your decision-making? Are you confident about your career and your life's purpose? Are your relationships up to your highest standards? Psychic training can help you in these areas.Have you wondered who your spirit guides are or if you have spiritual gifts to develop? Do you want to help others as a psychic?Have you wanted to become a professional psychic reader but haven't had the confidence or the business knowledge to move ahead? Psychic training can help in these areas too. Liah Howard’s Maui Psychic Immersion Retreat can help you with both the practical and profound areas of your life.Liah Howard’s Psychic Immersion retreat is focused on giving you the tools to clarify your priorities in these areas, and to strengthen you with tools to help others.

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