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The A'Pono Maui show with Joe Kelly

March 4, 201628 min
The Ai'Pono Maui show with Joe Kelly. Joe Kelly has been a journalist since 1985, was an award-winning reporter for Minnesota Public Radio, and co-founded New Moon Girls magazine and the national nonprofit Dads Daughters. He served on the Eating Disorders Coalition board, and was Fathering Educator at The Emily eating disorders treatment Program. His 13 books include, Dads Daughters®: How to Inspire, Understand and Support Your daughter, Pursuing Perfection: Eating Disorders, Body Myths and Women at Midlife and Beyond (with Margo Maine, PhD).To learn more, visit or email

Ai Pono Maui is a small 8-bed residential treatment facility for women with eating disorders located in a peaceful home-like setting with picturesque views of the ocean (just footsteps away), mountains, and lush gardens. 
It is the first and only residential eating disorder program in Hawaii and located on the island of maui
If you're in California, please call  Central Coast Treatm

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