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A Champion 4 Yourself & Your Children

April 15, 201458 min
When in doubt, blame the kids...

We thought that leaving our corporate jobs and building a new career at home would give us FREEDOM.

Freedom from the time clock... freedom from a long commute...freedom from overbearing and inflexible employers...and freedom to travel way beyond that ceiling made of glass.

The biggest freedom of all? To be a parent without apology.
There is a new boss in town and she needs a diaper change.

The FREEDOM that was promised by an at-home career now brings about a new set of circumstances that seems almost counter-intuitive to the original plan.

Therein lies the ultimate paradox.

Somewhere along the way that freedom that we worked so hard to achieve became our new prison....guarded by (you guessed it) the little people that have taken over our lives.

As if we haven't been tested enough, it seems as though the mere act of having children set off a chain reaction of creativity, exploration and the desire for entrepreneurship. The irony lies in the ideas that suddenly pour out of us, but a lack of time to execute them.

It's the ultimate twist of fate: You can earn your freedom to be a caretaker --BUT-- only if you can manage to also be a breadwinner.

No problem. We'll simply sit down and create a strategy to tie it all soon as we find a moment. After all... the kid's lunches are NOT going to make themselves. =)
It's not about your kids. It's about YOU...AND YOUR KIDS.

We know, we know. The best parents are the happy ones. Blah blah blah. It's easy to lose sight of the original intention, and that is because over time, it may change. (You wouldn't be the only parent who stopped searching for that personal fulfillment and started looking for a quiet place to pee.)

It really is no accident that right around the time YOU found yourself in need of a little self discovery, YOUR CHILD began needing your guidance in helping with theirs. SO.... why not venture into this journey together?

One of the most important things we do for our children is to present them with a version of adult life that is appealing and worth striving for.

This week we will be talking about the need to stop parenting in a linear fashion and the benefits of parenting ORGANICALLY. I'll be introducing you to a terrifically opinionated, hilarious and informative guest expert, Tara Kennedy-Kline, the author and radio host of Stop Raising Einstein: Discover The Unique Brilliance In Your Child… and You. Tara believes that knowing your child's dreams and goals is the most effective discipline strategy you'll ever use, and that also achieving YOUR dreams and goals is necessary to being a terrific parent.

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