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A Show for the Dreamers

November 5, 201356 min
Do you suffer from TOO MANY ideas? You may be FILLED with revolutionary concepts and visions ...many of them you imagine would make you CRAZY WEALTHY... if only you had a game plan to execute them. Or perhaps you've tried to implement some of your ideas, only to become inundated with new ideas that impose on your momentum and confuse your intention. In short--- YOU ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE. Too many ideas is a sign of OVERWHELM First, don't beat yourself up. It isn't a terrible thing to be a "dreamer". In fact, there are many who envy your natural ability to have ideas pouring out of you. After all, you are an optimist and a visionary. Without thinkers like you, the world would be stagnant and motionless. The trick is to CAPITALIZE on your strength and not allow the influx of sparkling ideas to drown out the other tasks that will ensure your BEST IDEAS get put into action. Focus is key. It doesn’t mean you can’t have layers, complexity, and lofty ambitions. Without focus however, the Universe doesn’t know how to respond to your requests. So ask yourself... What is it I really WANT? If your biggest struggle is FOCUS, that means you need to be more diligent in staying on task. Schedule time EACH day to create your priorities (maybe let some things go) and diligently create a perspective that organizes your ideas and thoughts so that they become comprehensible. There is a price to pay for being TOO INVENTIVE. Have you ever wondered why people who's ideas seem less vibrant than yours have MORE SUCCESS than you? (Frustrating, isn't it?) I've got good news for you: It isn't because they are more business savvy than you--- or because they have deeper pockets to invest in their so-so product ideas ---- or because they had better media connections... It's because YOUR MESSAGE is unclear. On the level of ordinary reality, if you try to focus on too many different ideas, you will dissipate your energy. Keep that brilliant mind of yours pulsating VIBRANTLY with marketing strategies and revolutionary ways to reach your target market. This is where YOU excel!! ...But... be aware that your message and your niche fall on deaf ears if there is other stuff going on underneath. Today our guest of the hour is Michelle McCullough, a business strategist and speaker who will be sharing with us ways to keep that focus and productivity in our marketing and business strategies.

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