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Are Dads ... the new MOMS?

November 3, 201559 min
Participating Papas

The dad involvement is so evident in my community that we hardly question the presence of a man among the mommy's anymore. Whether it's changing diapers, staying up late to care for a sick child, coaching a team or participating in the PTA, modern dads have made it a priority to show up for their families more than in any other generation.

Fatherhood is Alive and Well

The role of "Dad" has changed and so have our expectations. My husband comes home after a long work day and cleans dishes, folds laundry, and helps with homework. My co-host, Jeff is self-employed but goes into full Daddy mode as soon as school lets out. "Mr. Mom" is no longer a punchline because it's become more socially acceptable for a dad to wear his title proudly.

Reinventing Dads

Although modern fatherhood has brought about more family involvement, that isn't all that has changed. Get to know the dads on your neighborhood playground and you'll see that (much like modern moms) dads

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