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Are you Generous in Business?

November 5, 201356 min
For most of us Moms, working at home is an ECONOMIC decision. Choosing to come home and place priority on raising children is NOT (necessarily) about personal fulfillment for moms. It's about doing what is practical and what works best for our families. Yet --IRONICALLY-- what started out as a way to earn a supplement to the family budget has become the new bar to clear in small business. We've raised the standards for what is possible...NOT what is expected. If you feel like there is more pressure on you to succeed--- YOU ARE RIGHT. As a human race, our nature is to improve and progress... BUT JUST MAYBE... the point is not to produce more pressure and stress, but simply-- HAPPY PARENTS-- who (as a result) are happier at parenting. Essentially our personal fulfillment is a GIFT for our families. When you are more generous with yourself and others, the world is more generous to you. Get your message out into the world more effectively, serve more clients, and increase your prosperity with a new and more powerful system of beliefs. Today's expert guest, Cynthia Stott is an Executive Leadership Coach, Empowering Beliefs/Game Changing Beliefs™Coach and Certified Dream Coach© who has been helping people create what they want since 2005. Cynthia is also a Reiki Master and ThetaHealing Practitioner and combines these creative and intuitive skills with her nearly 20 years experience in the corporate and government sectors to formulate a highly effective and powerful coaching system that enables executives and individuals to move forward and achieve their goals quickly and easily. Today we will be discussing how to tap into new foundational beliefs that will empower you to achieve your ideal success -- and stay in alignment with what is MOST PRACTICAL for you as the matriarch of your family. We'll be diving into The Generosity Code™, which is a set of beliefs that, when they are true for you, help your clients say "Yes!" to you.

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