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Are you willing to clean Toilets?

November 30, 201357 min
Are you willing to do ANYTHING to build wealth and stability? Prove it. Back in college, I remember my professor of Acting 101 asked the small crowd of freshmen what they were willing to do to become "famous." The question wasn't meant to be rhetorical, but rather-- provocative. HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT IT? Because in the most competitive industry in the world...chances are... your competition wants it MORE. We were told that if you are not willing to do just ANYTHING, crazy or not... QUIT NOW and find another college major, another dream, a more "simple" paycheck, and an easier way of life. The good life wasn't meant for YOU. It was reserved for the people who were willing to do what most were UNWILLING to do. That was the lesson --- and it stayed with me. Kara Anderson was willing to CLEAN TOILETS to provide for her family. She sent an email to family and friends and offered to clean bathrooms for free... the only catch was if they loved her, they had to HIRE HER and then brag to their friends ABOUT her. From that thrifty beginning, she now cleans over 100 homes a week, employing 14 other moms and helping them provide for their families. A wife, mom, business owner and a breast cancer survivor, Kara is not a woman who lets hardship determine her fate. After losing her job in 2008 she found a way to take her passion for being a neat freak and CLEANED HER WAY to profit. Now providing ABUNDANTLY for her family with a six figure income, her business MAIDS ON THE RUN has become a nationwide franchise. What are YOU willing to do? This is a hypothetical question that... IF you are willing to ENGAGE IN... will, without a doubt, yield answers. Yes, you may EVEN have to work for free in the beginning, just so that others will take a chance on you and allow you to prove yourself. In lieu of payment, ASK FOR THE REFERRALS. It's a brilliant way to launch your service-providing career on the fast track-- without capital or even experience! Inspirational stores are all around you!! If you are looking for more... all you have to do is read the PERSONAL JOURNEYS of the parents who have listed their small businesses on I AM INSPIRED EVERYDAY by these SPOTLIGHT STORIES of success-- especially the ones told by the moms and dads who overcame adversity in their lives--like Kara. Join us live on the radio today to hear my interview with Kara Anderson of Maids on the Run!

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