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Are your kids business savvy?

June 3, 201459 min
Are your kids business savvy?
Not every adult is business savvy... and neither is every kid. But that doesn't negate our NEED to earn money. There is just no way around it. Once we become adults, working and earning is a REQUIREMENT for survival.
Fortunately, there are countless ways to earn an income --and-- the number of ways we can now earn from HOME is still increasing. Whether you are innately a LEADER or a TEAM PLAYER-- there is an important place for you in this world.
It's never too early to help your children find their place in the real world as well.
It's the Summer of Young Money!
We've covered many aspects of this topic before, so if you find yourself with some extra time this week, listen back to past shows Kid Entrepreneurs and Family Hustle with special guest expert Sarah Cook of Raising CEO Kids.
Also, it's a GREAT time to revisit the episode where favorite business expert Ellen Rohr revealed how to keep your kids busy this summer... AND EARNING EXTRA CASH in the proce

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