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Astrology to Identify Your Gifts

September 4, 201459 min
The best way to predict the future it to create it ourselves...but it couldn't hurt to have a hint or two about which path we should take...   If you are like me, hard work comes fast- but slow results make you batty. Often, I have found myself shaking my head to the universe begging for a sign that my persistence and perseverance will result in some sort of pay off. Ever feel that way? Am I on the right path? Should I try going down that path instead? What am I missing?   In passed shows we have talked about how we can cut out 80% of our competition just by outlasting everyone else. A shocking 90% of first time home-based businesses fail in the first year because of the inclination to throw in the towel a little too early.   It wasn't too long ago I ran into my friend, Heidi Rose Robbins- a gifted astrologer and empowering group leader for women. She must have sensed my restlessness because she intuitively offered me a "hint" into my future- the very prophecy that I had been aching fo

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