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At-Home Professional Development

April 28, 201560 min
Unhappy at Work?

For working parents there could be a variety of reasons that you are not happy with your current career, including the intense feeling that you are missing out on precious family time.

Working parents are spread thin, that is for sure. By the time you get home from work, attend to the kids and everything else, you are so depleted that all you want to do is crash into bed.

This often leads to a desire and vision of working at home, running your own business on your own terms and having more time for your family.
The TRUTH About At-Home Careers

While it is possible to achieve all of the above in an at-home career, launching a business from home can bring about new stresses that many business owners are not initially prepared for.
Busting the Work-at-Home Myths

The following list of myths may initially discourage you from wanting to create an at-home career... on the contrary... they are designed to better prepare you for success in your path to self-employment.
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