This Little Parent Stayed Home

Back to School, Back to Work

August 12, 201460 min
Torn Between Parenting AND Peace?

While summer vacations can be rewarding, plentiful, and filled with quality family time...holding the responsibility of entertaining the kids for two straight months can be downright DRAINING. Don't kid yourself. SUMMERS ARE HARD FOR PARENTS.

If you've ever been made to feel inadequate from a member of an older generation of parenting, you aren't alone....and you aren't WRONG.

Life WAS easier back then.

Times have certainly changed as has the expectation of more parental involvement and societal pressure. This, in addition to the need to sustain a second income ... as well as an unavoidable increase in spending during the summer. (Sheesh. When did everything get SO EXPENSIVE?)
With Resolution comes Re-Purpose

Don't wait for New Years Eve to create a list of new intentions. Your new year starts NOW with the freedom that comes once the kids go back to school! Don't feel guilty, Mom. It is PERFECTLY okay to find peace and fulfillment in your quiet ho

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