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Be a Celebrity in Your Industry

February 8, 201457 min
Go beyond slight recognition and dive into stardom. Years before I was a business coach for parents, I was a business coach for actors in Hollywood. I didn't teach them how to act, but I did coach them on how to know their "product" as well as how to create out of the box marketing strategies that would allow them to be remembered by the people who were in a position to hire them. The business of acting isn't much different than your home based business where you structure your own game plan, work to build memorable relationships, and represent your brand with complete confidence and poise. Many of the most passionate and talented actors share a common pitfall in their careers: They are so passionate about the art of performing, but they often ignore the necessary business steps it takes to get them in front of the camera, or on the stage. "I don't want to play the Hollywood game, " they'd say, "Just put me on the stage and let me perform." My response? "If you don't create a business plan and a unique marketing strategy, how do you expect anyone to hire you to perform on a stage?" Working actors know that their real job is the audition, not the performance. Often the most significawork is not in the actual execution of our service, but rather in the implementation of the plan to get someone to hire us. It should come as no surprise that some of the most talented actors remain unknown in Hollywood, while many of the less talented ones don't have any problem booking role after role. Short answer? Those who are working in show biz, know BIZ. Do NOT under-estimate the power of muscle marketing and out of the box strategies when working to get known in a competitive field. The key is in targeted actions that will get the industry buzzing about you. If you are hungry enough, you shouldn't have any problem taking an unconventional route (or two) to your destination. Are you willing to shake things up a bit? This week, I am proud and honored to introduce you to my friend Wendi McClendon, a television and film celebrity who happens to have crazy awesome talent as well as immensely clever business sense. An incredibly talented comedic actress, Wendi has never had any problem taking bold risks and working her "brand" on her own terms. Friday's show will be a real treat!

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