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Be Your Own Boss

April 25, 201457 min
Give yourself permission to be the boss of you. Today I had a conversation with my 5 year old about being the boss of himself, and how he shouldn't worry about what everyone else is doing on the kindergarten play yard. Interesting concept, isn't it? All too often we see a clear path to success for others much more than we see for ourselves. I remember when I wasn't the boss of myself... when I had a job working for someone else. Several jobs, actually. Although I didn't know it at the time, I lacked 2 things that I will never take for granted as my own boss again: Freedom and choice. I just came back from an empowering conference called "Woo Hoo Weekend" with Lisa Steadman- where I had the privilege of speaking to a fantastic group of men and women about our choices as parents who are self-employed. For many of us, the desire to become our own boss didn't fully transpire until we became parents. We talked about the physical, mental and emotional transformation that came about once our

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