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March 31, 201460 min
The Mother of all Catastrophes We all have our personal stories of mess... where we had become so broken and beaten down that we barely recognized ourselves. It's the serendipitous moments that shape us --- especially the ones that hit us HARD upside the head and cause us to question... EVERYTHING. From Breakdown to Breakthrough It's hard to believe that all that was less than a year ago. Things are very different today. Now it seems that I am asked--- almost on a daily basis ---how I was able to rise from the ashes as quickly as I did and resurrect the brighter days I once knew. For the first time since remounting This Little Parent Stayed Home on it's new broadcast network, I am going to begin to share with you HOW I was able to reinvent myself so quickly, and how YOU can use your own stumbling blocks as the necessary building blocks in your own self-(re)development and regeneration.

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