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March 5, 201458 min
New Trends for a New Generation of Kids What was important to our parents when we were growing up isn't necessarily a priority for our children. For example, learning and retaining information has become less important as a life skill because information is instantly and freely available via the web. IT skills are less valued as devices become so much more intuitive to use. The newer skills which we need to teach now are more self-developmental. Children should understand the power of teamwork, the real value of sharing and the deep fulfillment that comes from making a contribution to the world. These same skills that are taught to us as adults to help us improve our home lives and create success at work can be applied when raising our children. As entrepreneurs in business we already know the importance of acting on our ideas, creating our own opportunities and taking balanced risks. These are the exact same qualities our children need to be successful 'entrepreneurs of life'. Why wait until we reach adulthood to learn attitudes that will lead to a more successful life? As parents, we desire for our children to grow up with confidence and self-belief. We aim to help them understand that they control their own destiny and that they can determine the life they ultimately live. Just as we have come to learn in adulthood, our children can be taught that if they set a goal and work towards it with planning and determination then it will happen. Take action now. Imagine the power of starting this journey of self development in the early years. How much more prepared for the turmoil of teenage years might your children be if they have the right attitudes to start with? Our children's early years pass quickly - just ask any parent with kids in college. The best time to provide them with strong foundations for life is between birth and 11 years. Once they are into their teens their lives become more complex and our ability to influence them has significantly diminished. Joining us as a guest this week is David Machin, a visionary with an important mission for children and the parents who raise them. On Friday we will be talking about what the future has in store for our kids, defining new opportunities for them and how new discoveries in science and technology are paving the way for the next generation of world leaders.

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