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Build a Business Without Going Bankrupt

November 18, 201356 min
Show me the money!! We know that building a business takes time---but sometimes we don't have the LUXURY of waiting. We have bills to pay, mouths to feed, groceries to buy and little bodies to clothe. WE NEED TO BE PROFITABLE NOW! We have a choice as entrepreneurs. We can either learn to do it all ourselves without ever hiring ANYONE else to help us (which is ENTIRELY possible!!) or we can INVEST in the convenience of learning what we need to know NOW... and see bigger results FASTER. The challenge is knowing which investments will really give us a return and which are just BOGUS BUSINESS packages designed to keep us chasing our tails without ever making a profit. I've called upon the best person I know to talk to us today about when it's appropriate to invest in our businesses and when to walk away and figure it out ourselves. Chris Hogan is an entrepreneur, public speaker and money strategist. You may remember him from our most popular show EVER several years back: HOW TO GAIN FINANCIAL FREEDOM FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Most people know him for his money insight on The Dave Ramsey Show. Chris focuses on what he calls the “Three E’s” – educating, encouraging and empowering people to take an active role in how they relate to money. His goal is to challenge us to “think bigger and do better.” by giving concrete guidance and anecdotes from his varied experiences. By changing the way YOU view money, YOU could change your family's financial picture and eventually establish a legacy.

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