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Building Your Brand with Podcasting

August 26, 201460 min
It’s time to jump on the podcasting bandwagon, people.

Or is it?
There are more than 200,000 English speaking podcasts today and over a billion subscriptions to podcasting on iTunes alone. Add to the hundreds of millions of people walking around with smartphones -all podcast-enabled- and you have yourself a pretty big reason to join the podcasting trend. As a business owner, you'd be a fool NOT TO.

The evolution of small business marketing and the onslaught of podcasting as a medium allows you to reach a far larger audience, but with so many podcasts popping up these days --- let's face it--- the competition has gotten steep.
Instead of creating your own podcast, consider being a valued guest for others.

Why not? They need guests and you need exposure. Being a podcasting guest can potentially generate more subscribers and sales leads, as well as improve upon your own message and brand.
While this is a terrific way to take advantage of someone else's dime and platform, you must be su

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