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Bypass Symptoms & Get to the Root

February 28, 201457 min
Are you Fearless? Probably not. None of us are. Fear affects each and every one of us in different ways. You may think you know someone who appears to be fearless, but the truth is, they just might have a better relationship with fear than you do. Are you the kind of person who ignores the fears that present themselves? Do you cover it up with distractions and procrastinations? Or are you the sort of person who takes a moment to dissect the fears at hand and approach the issues dead on? When we are feeling down, stressed out, overwhelmed or uninspired, often the results appear in our physical bodies. It shows up as a headache, back pain, weight gain, weight loss, fatigue and more. If fear is the driving factor for all stress, than stress is most likely the root cause of our recurring and chronic symptoms. We've been taught for years to deal with these symptoms through medication prescriptions, pain killers, or physical therapy. Unfortunately the over abundance of prescriptions eventually result in more undesireable symptoms, side effects and addictions. Whats worse, if the cause of the symptom isn't dealt with directly, it will eventually resurface in another form of physical pain. The only true way to handle a symptom is to find the root cause and deal with it at the core. In every challenge of our lives, we are presented with the choice to cover up the pain with a distraction, or face the challenge head on, become the victor, and never look back. Whether dealing with a physical challenge or an emotional one, the key to overcoming the debilitating effects is to bring our emotional, instinctual and spiritual natures into balance and harmony. I am very much looking forward to introducing you to my guest this week, Dr. Peiter DeWet. It is not often that you find a doctor who is willing to take that extra time to search for the root cause of a medical problem rather than easily writing a prescription for it. Breaking out of the norm is a brave choice in today's medical field, but it is proving to be neccessary for ultimate health and wellness. Dr. DeWet is one of the rare doctors who I personally feel is on our side, looking to help us truly heal from within, approaching his patients holistically, focusing on the mind, body and soul. This week we will be talking about how we can tackle our chronic challenges from its origins and heal from within. Dr. DeWet will be helping us better understand the science behind these kind of remedies as well as teaching us the benefits of Holistic Health and Quantum Physics.

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