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CAPITALIZE on your story!

April 21, 201559 min
What do a blockbuster movie, a classic novel, and a famous song have in common?

They tell stories.
(And they make millions!)
Did you know that the life you’re living is an epic story...

...spilling over with adventure, deep characters, heartache, triumph over pain, and victory....?

If you are feeling unclear, unfulfilled and not at all sure what you are supposed to be doing with your life, the answer is simple- you need to connect to your STORY.

Woven into and around your personal story are CLUES ...that hold the keys to your purpose.
Capitalize on your unique gifts.

Authentic story telling is the trend in EVERY INDUSTRY.

On today's show, I'll be talking about powerful storytelling and how you can transform lives (and grow your business!!) just by sharing your unique experiences.

-> on May 19th, I will be joining Devorah Spilman, a powerful storytelling coach, and a panel of 23 other successful business experts to speak on the subject of manifestation and the power of sto

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