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February 8, 201458 min
Welcome back Lil' Parents! As we say in my family when we have just taken a much needed break from one another -- I have enjoyed missing you! It's back to work and we have lots to cover! I am really looking forward to launching into the new format of the show tomorrow night! I hope that Monday evenings will bring more opportunity for you to tune in live and take interactive action. I have a terrific new line up of guests for the fall series and we plan catering each show to more specific challenges that you may be having as a parent and solo entrepreneur. I am pumped!! If there is one thing that inspires me, it's watching others create an innovative variant of success by pushing past boundaries and striving for progress rather than perfection. Very often we don't know what our life purpose is until it is staring us squarely in the face, and even then sometimes we miss it. The truth is we all have accessible solutions. What might start out as an imaginative approach to solve our own problems often results in a fresh and revolutionary way to contribute to society. Are you ignoring the little whisper of a voice that is revealing exactly how to radically reshape your ambitions? There really is no secret to learning how to turn your passion into something that fuels and sustains you. Stop being so modest and flaunt what you have! Joining me tomorrow evening on This Little Parent Stayed Home, are two champion innovators. Tania Mulry of edRover will be this week's co-host, and together we will be interviewing LuLu Powers, known as "Hollywood's Martha Stewart", the celebrity entertaining designer who has created, cooked and composed for many of America's royalty including Leonardo di Caprio, Madonna and Bill Clinton. No giveaway this week, but we have some terrific perks for anyone who would like to donate $5 or more to the Our Milk Money crowd funding campaign!

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