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May 5, 201560 min
What the heck is a CHAKRA?
Take the test below to see how chakra savvy you are:

A chakra is:

A. the name of a new age musician from the 1980's
B. a trendy boot
C. the Klingon word for "grandmother"
D. an organic vegetable made from the root of ragweed
E. a Japanese monster movie (e.g. Chakra vs. Godzilla)
F. an energy center in your body that regulates health and well-being
If you answered anything other than "F" you might want to brush up on your metaphysical comprehension....

...And I have just the expert to help us with that today!

On Today's show...

The amazing Lisa Hall will be joining us today to help us heal our inner energy with CHAKRA POWER!

What might once have been considered "new age" woo-woo nonsense created by some hippy on an acid trip is recently gaining more merit and credibility. In fact, chakra mediation has been studied and practiced by some of the most successful minds in history.

Albert Einstein was reported to meditate several times throughout the day as

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