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Comedy and Consiousness

September 8, 201560 min
Energetic Cleansing... with LAUGHTER.

As Summer shifts into Fall we find ourselves in another state of transition. Some parents are breathing sighs of relief as the kids go back to school while others are experiencing "empty nest" or end of Summer blues. Keeping small business careers consistent and expansive might be an added struggle this time of year.

The best way to cope? LAUGH.
Is there ever a better way to create balance & harmony than through comedy?

If reaching optimal health and wellness is your goal, it's probably best to skip the grumbling and instead make the conscious choice to add more laughing.

Ten reasons to chuckle your way through the day:
1. Laughter fosters a boosted immune system. Bypass the back-to-school germs and miss those fall sniffles altogether!

2. Laughter contributes to lower blood pressure and cortisol levels. This results in an improvement in body circulation and a reduction in body inflammation.

3. Laughter prov

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