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Congruency is Crucial

September 2, 201460 min
I believe in fakin' it 'til you make it, but the truth is, you have to be able to convince YOURSELF of where you are headed or you won't go anywhere.
Check your Body Language

You could have an uber powerful message, but if the delivery of your message is weak and tentative, this contradiction of yourself is sending mixed messages out into the universe.
(no wonder your results are askew!)
The way that you present your brand, your business, and yourself has everything to do with genuine QUALITY of your movement. In other words, your gestures, voice tonality, stance, and composure MUST vibrate authentically with WHAT YOU SHARE OF YOURSELF or you will not be effective.
Reclaim your Power with Consistency

Take a look at the most powerful leaders in your industry. What qualities do they have that you most resonate with? Make a mental note to emanate them... (and tune into the show today for a more in depth explanation about WHY these leadership qualities most speak to you...)

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Chat About Congruency is Crucial

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