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February 28, 201457 min
Make Strategic Planning Work. As busy moms with busy schedules we really don't have a choice but to orginize our time and efforts down to a science. If we don't stay 2 steps ahead of our day, we run the risk of falling way behind... as well as falling apart. So lets talk about strategy. Do you feel like you are pounding the pavement in your small business without seeing results? Are you simply trying to keep up with your long list of daily tasks only to fall short on accomplishing more than half of them each day? Do you find yourself spending too much precious time cleaning up messes and putting out fires and not enough time driving your business forward? Chances are you need to re-evalute your methods and rework your focus. Very often we are so caught up in working HARD we forget to work smart. Strategic Planning is a great tool for organizational alignment and goal setting. Experts tell us that in order to get ahead in business, we need to move beyond daily responsibilities and incorporate advancement into our daily routines. That sounds like a good idea in theory, but what about the stay-at-home parents who are already at their responsibility limit? Mompreneurs, this show is most definitely for you. In fact. the phone lines will be wide open on Friday for you to call in and ask your most challenging questions. Call in if you: ...need help organizing your daily task list. ...don't feel that you are getting enough support from your spouse, friends or other members of your family. ...have a terrific vision for a business, but need help executing it. ...are tired of working hard and not seeing enough results. ...need some help thinking strategically on reaching a specific goal - or several. ...can't seem to find the time during the day to get any work done (those pesky kids!!)

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