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Create Profitability from Unemployment

March 5, 201457 min
Unemployment might be the best thing that ever happened to you. We have all heard these stories from some of the most successful people in the world. Their journey almost always starts off with unexpected loss, sickness or misfortune. I lost my job.... My house was foreclosed... I was diagnosed with a life altering illness.... I went through a horrible divorce... Dare I say it? Is it possible that hardships and losses have something to do with success and properity? Yes it does....that is, if you have the perspective to make your stumbling blocks into building blocks. Listen for the Cha-Ching in your Challenges This week I will be bringing on a good friend and terrific public speaker, Alan Sherwood, a fellow host of the increasingly popular weekly show, Successfully Unemployed. Alan will be joining me on the show this week to help answer some of the most critical questions about how to find stable and fulfilling employment. Together we will be talking about his valuable threefold perspective that can provide a means to a faster and more fulfilling matter what the setback. Tune in this week to learn: --->How to turn your unemployment into abundant self-employment --->The benefits of owning a home-based business --->How to make use of transferable skills from your previous jobs --->How to transition from being an employee to starting your own home-based business --->Why networking is important even before you start your own business ...and more!

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