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November 24, 201357 min
Unlock the Power of Your Mind. I LOVE PUZZLES. Crossword, Sudoku, Riddles-- even jigsaws. I wasn't always this geeky. As a child, I don't remember enjoying USING MY BRAIN this much. Not in the least. But as an adult...I not only see the benefits of keeping my mind alert... I FEEL IT. It's like exercise for my brain. I love figuring things out, narrowing down possible solutions through processes of elimination, pattern recognition, mathematics and science...searching for different colors, shapes, insights, nuggets of information be pieced together collectively in a way that will bring new insights into focus --- unlocking higher levels of consciousness, paving the way for different opportunities and awakening new schools of thought. Sometimes putting our LIVES together can feel like a multi-faceted, big puzzle filled with unexpected twists and turns... but ultimately leading us to a higher purpose or a desirable end result... (WE HOPE!) Your BRAIN is the most valuable resource that you have-- and NO ONE can take it away from you. The Left-brain thinks logically and follows sequence while the right brain is creative, intuitive and emotional. When you are able to use both sides of the brain, you will find that your mind power is harnessed to its best potential and improves in critical thinking skills and problem solving ability. NOW we are being told that our brain has the ability to heal diseases, improve our quality of life, help us to fall in love, and bring us unlimited funds. The concept of abundance appeals to everyone for obvious reasons. We have been told that advances in the field of quantum physics over the last fifty years are beginning to provide scientific validation for principles like "law of attraction" and other creative concepts. It is no longer possible to blow off the reality of vibrational influences on our physical reality. It is believed that by implementing certain principles into your business, you will be able to spend less time on marketing efforts and MORE TIME on weighing your choices. Those who are applying these "beliefs" report feeling less stressed, more clear on their intentions, and their goals seem to materialize with less effort. Achieving Great Success Starts With a Bit of Reprogramming. It's not that I didn't believe in The Law of Attraction -- it's that as much as I WANTED to wrap my brain around this trendy topic (brought into pop culture through the movie, "The Secret") I couldn't help my skepticism. I had questions -- lots of them-- and without answers... it felt... like... an unsolved puzzle. And because I LOVE puzzles, I went on a hunt to unveil the big mystery. Last week we talked about "MAGIC" and how sometimes it is important to just --- SUSPEND DISBELIEF--- How to have faith in things we cannot see, but FEEL in our core. We talked about WHY believing in the unimaginable will lead us into creating new miracles. THIS WEEK, we are going to talk about HOW to put it into action. There is a learning process behind adjusting our stubborn and limiting beliefs into a mindset that produces INTENDED RESULTS. Whether you incorporate energy work, energy psychology, positive thinking, spirituality or simply a sense of conducting conscious business, you are essentially taking resources within yourself and applying them to your work. This process not only benefits you and your business but the world around you. Today's guest, Allison Sutter will be joining us to discuss holistic health, personal development and how to create lifelong abundance and prosperity. Her philosophies are based on the teachings of Bob Proctor, Celebrity Speaker known for his appearance on The Secret, Author of the best seller YOU WERE BORN RICH, and one of the most transformational leaders of our generation.

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