This Little Parent Stayed Home

Creative Discipline

April 26, 201457 min
Our careers are not indissoluble. Its almost too easy sometimes to fall out of love with our projects, and let them die slowly on the vine. Our marriages: Not always indestructible. Our choice to become a parent? PERMANENT. No getting out of that one. Becoming a parent is never what you expected and no matter how much you prepare, you are never prepared enough. Why? Every child is different and every family has a different dynamic. Parenthood is a constant transition, filled with drastic modifications in your environment, your priorities and your relationships. Staying organized and on top of your game is essential for your business success as well as the success of your parenting. Joining me this week is parenting expert, successful business coach, public speaker and fellow Toginet radio show host, Brenda Nixon of The Parents Plate.

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