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November 4, 201460 min
A Surprise Musical Guest and Live Appearance

I saw him perform live and I was so taken with his charisma, talent, dedication and commitment to his performance that I made a decision --- right then and there. I was going to ask if I could interview him. Nothing was going to stop me from getting back stage.

I told the guard "I am press. I have a show on iHeart Radio." I was immediately introduced to the manager of the band who looked at me with probing eyes. Before I could change my mind, I began talking AS IF I was worthy of the current moment. Inside my head, I heard... "Ally, Are you NUTS??" Before I could talk myself out of it, I heard myself say that I loved the show and wanted to interview the lead singer. Within moments I found myself standing in his trailer looking at him face to face. GULP.

I asked and he said yes.

Since it is a surprise, I will NOT reveal who will be performing live in the studio with me until the show today. (Sorry, but you are going to have to TUNE IN to

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