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Date Night for Parents - No Babysitter Required!

July 28, 201560 min
Dating is cheaper than couples counseling - not to mention divorce.
Nearly ten years ago my husband and I decided
to trade in our love of performing on the stage together for our desire to start a family. Onstage and off, we were partners. We coached each other through auditions, ran lines with each other, and enjoyed many curtain calls together--- side by side. However, as much as we loved performing together, we eventually became burnt out and jumped into a new production:

Partners in PARENTING.
Parenting allowed us to fall in love all over again in a different partnership capacity. We enjoyed watching each other transition into caretakers, nurturers, providers and leaders. Whether growing or grappling, we found passion and progress in this new field of parenting.
However, we seemed to lose our dating groove soon after delivering our first bundle of joy...

A Different Kind of "Burn Out"
Parenthood tested our limits, our sanity and our marriage on more than one occasion--- as was

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