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Dream + Action = Results

May 6, 201460 min
Dream + Action = Results

That --right there-- is the formula to innovation. THAT'S IT! Funnel everything through that puppy and you will reach your destination EVERY TIME. It is a mathematical certainty.

If you are missing ANY PART of the equation above, you WILL NOT REACH your desired outcome. Period.

Without a clear vision, you will not know where you are going. You may be working hard, performing a lot of ACTIONS (while becoming exhausted in the process) but if your DREAM has holes in it, you WILL NOT reach your desired results.

You may be able to imagine all of the wonderful little details of your fantasy life, but unless you take SPECIFIC ACTIONS to get there, your fantasy is just a pipe dream.

You are already getting results--- EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. This formula already exists in everything you do--- and chances are that you HAVE NO IDEA just how powerful you are! Let's start with understanding where you are RIGHT NOW, and how you got here.
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