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Entitlement vs Endowment

March 5, 201457 min
What should a busy overworked mom do when she is most overwhelmed? Blow everything off and go to Disneyland.   And that is exactly what I will be doing tomorrow. Why? BECAUSE I CAN.   I admit it. That overworked and overloaded mom lately is me. Ever since my rocket touched the 2012 atmosphere, my business and my family life has hit warp speed. My schedule is booked with private coaching until March, the kids are operating with a new level of nutty energy (as they are most likely ready to get back to school), and since we are busting out of the teeny little condo that my husband and I bought when we were first married,  we have decided to sell it and look for a bigger place.   There is nothing drastic, dire or tragic here.  In fact, everything that is occurring is due to growth, expansion, and prosperity - all things to be grateful for. this fortunate and privileged mom really... complaining? The truth is when we are knee deep in the chaos, and we haven't left room to reflect each day, we get easily jumbled, muddled and cluttered. It becomes difficult to see clearly all that we should be grateful for.   Has this ever happened to you?   The good news is that as our own bosses, we have the luxury of calling ourselves into the big office, patting ourselves on the back for working an obscene amount of overtime, and granting ourselves the day off to take our kids to a theme park.   This is why we became self-employed in the first place. Sure, it is 3 times the amount of work for a fraction of the paycheck, but the freedom to do whatever the heck you want on any given day is PRICELESS.   How often do you take advantage of your role as boss and announce that today will be a "fun day"? I'll tell ya, nothing is more freeing as a work-at-home-mom-o-holic.   I will be back from the Happiest Place On Earth this Friday, just in time to introduce you to my friend and guest of the hour, Dawn Billings. Now there is a lady who knows how to put the fun in her step. I've never met anyone with such vision for the unconquered. Dawn is a big dreamer, but more importantly, she is a big DOER.   Enjoy the rest of your week!

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