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November 9, 201356 min
Open up to your healing power. Earlier this week, I had ---what I like to lovingly refer to as --- "The Mommy Melt Down". My mind was clouded with overwhelm and I was finding it unusually difficult to focus on my daily tasks. (Did I remember to sign the permission slip? When did we run out of food? Did I remember to walk the dog? Are the baseball uniforms washed and ready for the game this weekend? I must remember to call that client back... and that one, and that one...) "Mind Clutter" like this was most likely the result of lack of sleep, lack of exercise, lack of nutrition, hormonal imbalance... whatever... It felt like my brain needed to BREATHE. ...and I realized I needed to give it more oxygen. So I cleared some time and went for a quick run. It was like taking a magic pill. IT FIXED EVERYTHING. Once the darkness cleared, I was able to easily obtain a more clear and effortless FOCUS. Suddenly, all that had -- just moments earlier appeared-- DEMANDING, now seemed uncomplicated and elementary, even... dare I say--- ENJOYABLE. Restore balance in your daily life and you WILL BE more productive. Focus isn't all that difficult to obtain... as long as we keep our minds, bodies and souls NOURISHED. A little oxygen can go a long way. If there is a master in the area of life coaching, it's David Essel. David will be joining us on the air today to help us make the best decisions and stay fully committed to ourselves. You already have all of the tools and resources you could ever need to MOVE FORWARD in your life -- your heart, your mind, your faith, your dreams, your skills and your assets! Today's show is all about learning how to put the jigsaw pieces of our lives together and solve the puzzle that will allow you to transform and transcend your life purpose.

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