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Family Hustle

May 31, 201458 min
We've talked about everything else. Time to make some money. There is just no other way around it. You need to start bringing in an income. But not just any income-- one that matches your hard work and value. You have the idea, but now you need to turn it into cash. You've bartered, you've sacrificed, you've made that leap into self-employment, but you need to see green, and you need to see it N.O.W. I just returned from Tory Johnson's Spark and Hustle Conference, and I am fired up! Forget the small talk, and lets get serious. What matters now is the TENACITY, the HUSTLE, and the MOOLAH. Its time for you to obtain the missing knowledge that is necessary to cut through the crap and conquer any road blocks you may have in your way. Money may not buy happiness, but it will buy you the freedom to make your own decisions and never have to report to another boss, other than yourself, again. Join me this week when I share with you what I learned about how to hustle and how to bring your stren

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