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Feeling the Energy of Spring and Love

April 5, 201659 min
Spring is here and so are happy days.
It's the season of sunny weather, flying frisbees, birds singing, bees buzzing and people falling madly in love.

Time to soak up the sunshine and its many healing properties!
While history shows us that spring is associated with growth and renewal, there is scientific merit that Spring puts pep in your step! According to recent discoveries in neuroscience, the extra hours of daylight have a direct result to helping our brains increase in production of DOPAMINE... the kick ass chemical in your brain that makes you feel and do happy things... whatever they may be. (Reference: Urban Dictionary).

A Time for New Beginnings
It's the time of year where energy levels are boosted, curiosity and sense of adventure is heightened, and new ideas are brimming for all the budding artists, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. You may notice that your children are suddenly more inclined to figure things out, problem solve and (uh oh...) push boundaries. Take a less

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