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Fight, flight ... or FLOW.

November 10, 201560 min
How do YOU deal with life's hardest circumstances?
What doesn't kill us makes us stronger... but only if we CHOOSE to respond in a way that propels us forward.
We DO have a choice. Tragedy of any kind can change us, traumatize us and cause us to go the rest of our lives fearing the unexpected.


It could quite possibly make our lives... BETTER.

Imagine the bottom dropping out of your uncomplicated life.
Sure, we complain about our imperfect lives: The bills piling up, careers not meeting our expectations, the kids acting up, the in-laws coming to visit... But it's rare that any of these day-to-day "challenges" wake us up and demand that we grab hold of a drastically different perspective.

How LOSS leads to the embracing of LIFE.
When her husband of 9 years was killed in a small plane crash, leaving her with children just 1 and 3, Michelle Steinke-Baumgard saw it as a REVELATION. Embracing her love of fitness, she utilized the healing properties of her own endorp

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