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Find your grown up voice

October 22, 201460 min
You might be an ideal employee, or a rock star business owner. You may be creative, innovative, organized and skilled, but there is no way around it. If you are going to venture into business for yourself, you are going to have to talk to other people. If you are shy, lack confidence in your communication skills, or seem to have forgotten how to speak "grown-up" since becoming a mom, then this is the show for you! Lets brush up on those conversation skills and get comfortable talking again. This week I am bringing on a dynamic guest, Robyn Hatcher, the founder of SpeakEtc., a communication and presentation-skills training and coaching company that helps clients develop presence through communication. We'll also talk about how to polish the non-verbal elements of communication – body language, gestures, vocal quality and unlike many other presentation coaches Robyn works equally on the verbal skills– word choice, content and organization so that clients become more powerful and engaging

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