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Get in the Mood for a New Year

December 29, 201357 min
Happy New Year. Now get back to work. Changing our moods to match our surroundings isn't always easy. We ventured into solo-preneurship because we wanted the freedom to be able to work, play and sleep on our own. We chose our unrestricted and self-led careers so that we could "leave work at work" and take long breaks to celebrate the holidays with our families among other things. Although I am grateful to have that luxury of turning around the "Closed" sign in the window for the last 2 weeks of the year I admit that it is always a struggle for me to shift into vacation mode or "mood". I love my work. It's not easy to turn off this brilliant brain of mine (ahem). When I get into a productive momentum, I don't want to stop for anything. Not even chocolate covered candycanes and eggnog. This hot mom / workaholic / home maker needs to be given an annual intervention at the same time every year. It has become a ritualistic detox for me to turn off my smart phone and leave it off to stay present in the holiday festivities. Interestingly enough, once the holidays are over and it's time to go back to work, it's a struggle to go back to the work mindset. There is a new detox that needs to take place. I am just not in the mood. By this point, I've gotten happily accustomed to waking up late with the kids, hanging out in pajamas to sing Wii Karaoke most of the morning, eating left-over apple pie for breakfast, snacking on gingerbread houses and chocolate truffles, and having "words with friends" marathons with old college friends all. day. long. Snap out of it. Remember your purpose. Once we get clear and remember our higher intention, it shouldn't take long to snap back into the profit-producing mindset. After all, it is the choice we made to work hard in our independent careers that allows us to have long vacations as a result...and as a reward. We've earned the right to be able to get lost in our hazy lazy vacation moods without losing our shirts. And we'll earn it again. And again. Let's get PUMPED. I cannot wait to get going in 2013. There is a world of possibility waiting to be attained in small business and Mompreneurship! Mom business leaders are the new sexy of the decade and we are venturing into more opportunities than ever before. I am fully prepared to get you into the profit-producing mindset and give you the tough love you need to reach your personal goals this year! My sweet friend, Vivienne McNeny will be joining me as co-host on tomorrow's show. She is a fellow leader, a fellow Toginet radio host, and a fellow mom. I am thrilled to have her with us to ring in the new year! We'll be talking about home-schooling, managing the chaos of family large and small, and having a ball. If we aren't having fun... what's the point?

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