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Getting Your Money Crap Together

October 6, 201560 min
Ladies, why are we so DUMB about money?
Yeah... I said it. We're kind of freaky and awkward about it. I've been wanting to have a show in regards to our issues about MONEY for awhile, but now that my co-host Jeff Stein is in the house, we can begin to unravel the big mystery about money itself...from the gender perspective.

What is it about MONEY that Men can see, but Women can't?
Men typically OVER value themselves while women UNDER value themselves. Until Recently. Women are REALLY trying to shift this paradigm by making their voices loud and clear when it comes to equal pay and gender equality--- but for so many, money issues are still intensely deep rooted. Therefore publicly expressing our self worth is only part of the formula that will result in earning equal paychecks. We have to BELIEVE it to achieve it, right? So what are we REALLY so hung up on?

Men have no shame talking about money...IN DETAIL. They ask each other for advice, share tips they’ve picked up, invest together.

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