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Harness the power of DREAMS to be a better parent!

May 24, 201659 min
Our dreams are our secret weapon.
If we pay attention to our dreams, we’ll discover that these little nighttime dramas are opportunities for spiritual awakening and growth. As parents and entrepreneurs, our minds are quite busy both while we are awake as well as while we slumber. We might as well decipher every bit of our consciousness to find solutions to our biggest questions.

Awaken to Inspired Action!
Dreams initiate us into the highest capacity of imagination---and this mode of consciousness is available to us every night! With a little bit of faith and curiosity, we can unlock the mysteries that permeate our nighttime dream narratives and help make our waking dreams come true!

On Today's Show
Join us for a Dreamy Fun Time!
Please welcome the lovely and amazing Kelly Walden Sullivan, America's premiere dream expert! Most dream experts are scholarly, academic, orthodox, erudite Jungians, feather wafting Shamans, or a tree-hugging-card-carrying members of the land of “woo woo”. Ke

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