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Healthy Happy Hormones!

June 30, 201559 min
The Blame Game

When we aren't feeling our best, it's easy to go down the list of "undesirable" conditions that are out of our control.
Mercury in retrograde.
The weather.
A change in barometric pressure.

Do you still blame your hormones for those days that you are feeling "off"? Or worse--- sequester yourself to confinement? All I have to do is check the calendar to be reminded that I was feeling exactly the same way approximately 28 days earlier. Curses! Foiled again.
and again...
and again...

You might have been warned by older friends and family members that it would only get worse as the years rolled by...but ...what if it doesn't have to be that way?

Instead of battling the dreaded hormone fluctuations (or changes in weather, energies, etc etc) ...what if we learned to work WITH them?
Hormones... like everything else... serve a purpose.

...And despite how it may feel, hormones do not exist for the sole purpose of making you feel irritable and insecure. O

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