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How Entrepreneurship Can Make You a Better Parent

April 19, 201659 min
Think Like an Entrepreneur and Improve Your Parenting Skills
Parenting with ease... sounds like a fantasy doesn't it? The truth is--- parenting is NOT so different than entrepreneurship. Becoming the boss of your own business and adopting leadership qualities can and will improve upon your parenting style.

Be Present in All Areas of Your Life!
How you show up as an entrepreneur lays the groundwork for how you show up as a parent. By following your dreams and ambitions, you are giving your kids permission to do the same. Plus, it gives your kids the opportunity to become critical thinkers and problem solvers simply by allowing them to watch your process.

On Today's Show
I always learn so much from the amazing Jay Forte! He'll be returning to the show today to speak on the following:

✔︎ What makes a successful entrepreneur is one who is tuned in, aware and watching their world for opportunities.

✔︎ How we become more aware is through the "Be Present Process" with 5 small words that c

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