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How much does a good idea REALLY matter?

January 13, 201557 min
Ideas are a dime a dozen.

Spend time talking to any relative or neighborhood acquaintance. Chances are, they have an idea for a great business concept. Everyone has million dollar ideas, but not everyone has the ability to turn an idea into a million dollars. So what does this ABILITY entail?
Every million dollar venture began as an idea...

If the IDEA doesn't matter, than what does? We've all seen mediocre concepts become massive financial windfalls and booming sellouts --but-- we've also seen the most brilliant and innovative ideas fizzle fast without ever seeing the light of day.

*How do you know if your idea is worthy of executing with full commitment?

*Does it hold enough potential to create long term value?

*What does one need to acquire in order to dramatically improve chances of a profitable outcome?

Today's discussion will offer some simple frameworks that will help you to answer many of these questions as we interview a very special team of parent entrepreneurs and inno

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